“Papercuttings is one of the oldest art forms that can be traced back to when paper was invented in China.

All my papercuttings are one-of-kind original handmade designs.

My scissors drawings are often interwoven with multi-cultured stories of folk tradition and mythology. Earth tradition and its gods, along with a long ribbon of myths and storytelling are some of the resources I use in my themes.

I like to give them a modern appeal and a design within my work. When I choose a paper, I usually go by its contents.

Like a sculptor, I vision the 3D aspect of the ideal artwork already within the paper.

Texture and color have to correspond with theme and image. I work mostly with paper, at times, I utilize metal sheet.

Over two decades ago, I started cutting bookmarks, which quickly inspired me to create large papercuts.

Papercutting is my passion!”

                                                             Kay Weber


View  Kay Weber ‘s  process of creation of his intriguing  detailed paper cuttings

You’ll understanding how  committed to his art craft, this meticulous artist certainly is.

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